Gingör 500 ml bottle
Gingör mixed with water alcohol-free premium ginger drink
Gingör ginger martini alcohol-free premium ginger drink


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Gingör is our flagship spirit that perfectly blends intense ginger, with rich and heady turmeric, balanced with uplifting fresh lemon and the delicate aroma of floral apple and natural spices.

Gingör is an exquisite multi-sensory experience, an organic and all-natural non-alcoholic spirit celebrating the indulgent experience and taste of ginger.

Patiently crafted to perfection, Gingör delivers the rich and fiery kick of a spirit but without the hangover.

Choosing your drink mindfully no longer means compromising on flavour or the experience of having a spirit. Gingör has been created to sit alongside your traditional spirits and hold its own when mixed into a drink as a non-alcoholic alternative.

Created entirely from organic ingredients and blended with natural spices.

Gingör 500 ml bottle


Regular price €19,99 EUR
Regular price Sale price €19,99 EUR

Embrace the Occasion

Introducing a range of premium non-alcoholic ginger spirits. Carefully crafted using the purest organic ingredients, Gingör is designed as a serious alternative to alcoholic beverages, delivering an indulgent, smooth and delicious alternative to traditional drinking.

Gingör sparkling alcohol-free premium ginger drink

Organic Ingredients

Gingör is an all-natural, organic and non-alcoholic spirit alternative for those who want to appreciate the indulgent experience and taste of a spirit, without the alcohol.

Fresh Ginger

Ginger is renowned for its aromatic and zesty flavour, adding a delightful kick to both culinary dishes and beverages. The ginger in Gingör is from organic farming and not from concentrate.

Fresh Turmeric

Fresh turmeric boasts a vibrant orange hue and a unique earthy flavour, prized for its health benefits and culinary versatility. The turmeric in Gingör is of organic origin and not from concentrate.

Fresh Lemon

Fresh lemon, with its bright and citrusy profile, adds a refreshing burst of acidity and fragrance. The lemon in Gingör is organically farmed and not from concentrate.


Apple concentrate, a sweet and refined essence of apples delivering a delightful apple flavour. The apple concentrate in Gingör is from organic farming.

Natural Spices

Natural spices, derived from aromatic plants and seeds, elevate Gingör with their diverse and rich flavours, enhancing the culinary experience.